Jesse Janari sanders, also known as Jesse janari, is an artist, engineer, producer and poet from inglewood, ca. his artistic process began as a child after his father passed away when he was nine years old, serving as the very foundation of his work.
raised in Los angeles, by a single mother with 2 sisters , jesse found that the only way to escape the harshness of life was music. From composing to mastering, jesse has truly graced all spectrums of not only music, but audio. his sound tells the story of life as we know it, writing from the perspective of triumph and defeat. his music is characterized by its astute track selection, tonality, dynamic delivery and performance.
jESSE HAS BEEN BLESSED TO WORK WITH NAMES SUCh AS HARVERY MASON JR.(HARVERY MASON MEDIA), DAMON THOMAS (Dreamgirls, usher, etc.), nATE JOLLEY (IMPACT STUDIOS), dANTE rOZE™ (empire) and a host of other great names in the industry.
jesse was also awarded by the county of supervisors for being a finalist in the 2013 "GET LIT SLAM COMPETiTION" along with his team beating out 24 of the 28 schools that competed .jesse janari's work demonstrates his originality and highly developed artistry, which is exhibited in the heart driven and vivid imagery in his lyrics. He will revolutionize the music industry in a way that is unparalleled. This is a gift and an invitation. Greatness is among you; witness it.
Photographer: Nehemiah X
Artist: Jesse Janari